BalfVotePoll embedding made easy

BalfVote was developed by Jamie Balfour in August 2022 as part of the WISP project and whilst it doesn't completely agree with the principles of the project, it partly continues the concept.

BalfVote was designed to:

  • Make it easy to collect information
  • Make it easy to display results
  • Make it easy to process data

BalfVote was originally hosted on Jamie Balfour's personal website until it eventually was spun off to be a separate website altogether.

BalfVote is in beta stages and has not fully been developed and new features will continue to come over time.

If you have an account at, you can easily login to BalfVote using that account directly from

I created BalfVote to make my lessons and talks more enjoyable and engaging for all to enjoy.

Make presentations interactive without the fees

Get your viewers engaged by using their own devices to answer questions as you progress through the slides. All at no cost.

For teachers, BalfVote provides an invaluable tool for checking class engagement and understanding and can help get an overview of how a class is performing.